Gig Monkey presents a night of acoustic bliss

Originally published in the October Ocelot Magazine:

Flushed with success from the inaugural Gig Monkey night at The Shuffle, we thought it was time for another shot at this promoting lark.

So, on Thursday October 25 we will be taking over the Rolleston, on Commercial road in Swindon, and providing you lot, our discerning readers (and anyone else who happens to walk in) with three top notch acoustic acts. For free! So who have we lined up?

Hot on the heels of a fantastic set at this year’s Swindon Shuffle, Antonio Lulic returns to the Rolly as part of his UK tour. He hails from the North east via London and boasting a hell of a pedigree that includes tour support to Ed Sheeran and three consecutive years (so far) performing at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Antonio has toured relentlessly; performing for audiences up and down the UK, across Europe and all over the USA. Musically he is a talented singer/songwriter with a voice stolen from Bruce Springsteen, a funny line in stage patter and some cracking songs. And judging from the barmaids reactions at The Shuffle, he carries a certain appeal to the female half of the population. I’m not jealous. Honest.

Songwriter Plummie Racket is more familiar as frontman of Swindon’s best indie band, The Racket. But, having realised he had a stack of songs that didn’t suit the bands noisy dynamic but that he wanted an audience to hear he decided to branch out and play some solo shows when not with the band. Sometimes playing alone, sometimes with wingman and producer Dan Carter the set is always different and affords the listener a chance to truly appreciate the lyricism in his writing, the bittersweet tales of real life in Swindon, and the crazy cast of people he meets along the way. The show is a no less chaotic affair than band ones, but with a more mellow vibe and probably just as much swearing.

And finally, opening up the night is Faye Rogers, a young singer/songwriter from Swindon who breezed onto the scene earlier this year and has made a big impact already with some captivating performances that showcase her simple but imaginative songs. Delicate and ethereal seeming at first there is an underlying steeliness that helps draw you in without realising and makes you forget her tender years.

So a top night of musical entertainment for free! And it all kicks off at 8pm.

For more information visit the Facebook event page at


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