My New Favourite Band #1 – Gazibo

If you like your music raucous, upbeat and melodic then there are short odds that you will like new Salisbury punked up outfit Gazibo (their spelling, I own a dictionary!).  Recently formed but with an impressive pedigree from a serious “used to be in…” list of local band royalty  it hasn’t taken long for this 3 piece to stamp a bit of a noisy mark on the scene. And what a mark it is. A sparky, energetic mix of Punk, Ska, indie, garage rock, grunge and pop that relentlessly hammers away at your subconscious until you lose all self-control and end up nodding heads, tapping toes, clapping along or in extreme cases moshing  like you were young again. Despite all of the bombastic guitars and pounding rhythms there is a true appreciation of the art of the hooky, pop melody and I am sure with a little more familiarity with the material I would be singing along like only a drunken monkey with a cheap karaoke machine could. Live, they are a bundle of raw kinetic energy, bouncing around like hyperactive kids on sugar rushes. I am really looking forward to these guys getting in the studio and seeing if they can capture the energy of their electric show, as I sense a depth to the song-writing that gets overshadowed somewhat in a gig situation.

Check them out at a music venue near you as soon as you can.


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