My New Favourite Band #2 – Kill Murray

Previously published on as part of my occasional series.

Oxford’s Kill Murray (not to be confused with aging Hollywood ghostbusting legends) are a very difficult band to find anything out about. They are also something of a challenge to describe or pigeon-hole, being something of a pot pourri of audio niceness. Everything, including the musical kitchen sink seems to have been blended up, leaving them as something of a sonic Eton Mess – hard to identify the ingredients, not very pretty but oh so damn good…. In fact, the influences they themselves list are generally from bands that also have a very eclectic sound (Pavement, LCD Soundsystem, Metronomy and Dinosaur Jr).

On record these influences are about bang-on. The songs are a great mix of electronic blipping and effects, grungy riffs and dance beats with intelligent well-crafted lyrics and catchy melodies. The debut EP A Drug To Shake You Up is a four track record of impressive quality. The band have an innate grasp of melody, and how to blend it with more challenging and less immediate sounds, making songs that are catchy but challenging,

They have certainly made an impact in the year they have been a band counting the Legendary Tom Robinson from 6music as a fan as well as oddly the Mayor of Detroit (who is apparently called Dave Bing).Their interesting, tight and melodic live shows including some high profile ones such as Truck Festival and, ahem, The Swindon Shuffle and supports to the like of Stornoway, alt-j and Guillimots have cemented the local buzz, and brought them to wider attention.

With the band currently putting together a follow up EP that is due out in the autumn things should only get better. So get with the programme now and be cooler than your mainstream mates…

Download the EP from – some of it is even free!


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