Black Hats – Austerity For The Hoi Polloi

This review originally appeared in the July 2012 issue of The Ocelot Magazine

I am going to put this right out there: Witney’s Black Hats are probably the best band in the area at the moment.  Evidence for my fervour can be heard in this new mini-album, 6 tracks of audio perfection, coming in at a lean and mean 20 minutes. There is really no fat here, each track is perfectly written, played and produced. It is a great example of how less is more that some bands should learn from; just release the good stuff, make an EP/Mini-album rather than padding out a full album with mediocre stuff.

The Black Hats sound is a post-punk, ska influenced pop blend, with some huge bass lines, groove laden drumming and outrageously catchy melodies. Songs like Death By Record and lead single Kick In the Doors really burrow into your subconscious and you will find yourself humming them for days. It is easier to give in and go with the flow, as it is a battle you cannot win. So do yourself a favour your future self will thank you for and get a copy of this. or

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