My New Favourite Band #3 – Charlie Bath

OK, I know that is 3 of these in quick succession, but I am just catching up on some of the stuff already published elsewhere ( again in this instance. this is the last MNFB to re-publish, so enjoy it as there may not be another one for a while!


Well, OK, not technically a band this time, as Charlie is predominantly a solo singer-songwriter, but more than worthy of a place as My New Favourite Band!

Charlie has been performing for some time in her home-town of Swindon as well as around Leeds during her university days, sometimes as a solo artist, sometimes fronting bands but always to some considerable acclaim. And it is easy to understand why as soon as you hear her voice – warm, smooth and open, it welcomes you into its arms and hugs you tight until the world seems a better place.  Musically she loosely treads the Americana path, with a solid nod to more traditional folk music. Anyone familiar with the work of artists like Laura Viers or Mary Gauthier will be on familiar ground.

The mainly acoustic based songs are built round that haunting voice with simple guitar work and occasional dabs of other instruments like piano, organ, bass and the occasional pieces of percussion, subtly and cleverly blended into the tune, adding rather than distracting. In addition to all this musical warmth she is an accomplished lyricist. These compositions are expressive, heartfelt and above all emotional, really taking you on a journey through your own thoughts and feelings. They are relaxed songs with emotional depths, great beauty and most importantly, some real heart and soul. The translation from record to stage in many ways improves things, seeing her expressing everything she felt as she wrote the songs increases the connection, mainlining the passion, making it the best way to appreciate her skills and talents.

Her EP The Good Fall is available now:


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