My Latest Album Reviews

Another eclectic selection of albums reviewed in the November Ocelot Magazine. Album of the month would be a toss up between Last Dinosaurs and Huey Morgan, but as I am more likely to listen to the Last Dinosaurs one over a longer period of time that edges it. And I have a sneaky suspicion that the Tame Impala record will grow on me more than the others…

No Doubt – Push And Shove 2/5

Long anticipated return of AWOL Californian ska poppers.  But don’t be expecting Tragic Kingdom part 2. This record shares much more in common with Gwen Stefani’s solo material, but with less synths and samples. Chart friendly pop music is the order of the day, heavy on the “Urban” influences with hip hop collaborations and R ‘n’ B flavours. But where is the next Just A Girl? The whole thing simply ends up a bit limp wristed and harmless. Disappointing.

Tame Impala – Lonerism 3/5

According to their Wikipedia entry Tame Impala describe themselves as “a steady flowing psychedelic groove rock band that emphasizes dream-like melody” which is about bang on for this follow up to their excellent and acclaimed debut album Innerspeaker. This is more emotional than the first record, full of relationship anthems, packed with different textures and layers, poaching from Brit-pop, American psychedelia, and modern indie. Stronger vocals in places would have moved it up a notch, but nonetheless a fine album.

Last Dinosaurs  – In a Million Years 4/5

These young Aussie lads play sun-drenched, melodic indie-pop anthems that make the spirits soar. Kind of how The Wombats might sound had they grown up somewhere sunny instead of soggy Liverpool. Beautiful melodies, funked up beats, harmonious vocals and fragile trance vibes combine with a generous chunk of classic indie guitar muscle to create a fantastic debut that should be the third decent guitar band in your collection with Dinosaur in their name.

Huey And The New Yorkers – Say It To My Face 4/5

Band set up by Fun Lovin’ Criminal and 6Music DJ Huey Morgan. What you get is essentially a trawl through his musical heritage and passions.  It is very much like his radio show condensed into 1 album of 12 original songs. And that is a very good thing. You get bits of soul, funk, hip hop, country, folk, disco, rock, pop and blues all blended together into a beautiful whole. Head bobbing genius and seriously too cool for school.


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