Last Under The Sun – The Guantanamo Bay House Band?

A more recent Green Man review is this one from a couple of weeks ago (original here). It also ties in with my earlier “The  Music That Refused To Die” post about the continuation of the punk legacy. For this is a self-proclaimed punk outfit, putting out records on a specialist punk label, Iron Man Records. I was sent a copy of a hardcore EP to review, delicately called Hooligan Jihad.

The first word that springs to mind when hearing this provocatively titled EP by Birmingham band Last Under The Sun is brutal. Relentless would be another good word. It is the sort of noise that would stun an elephant, or induce Central American Dictators to surrender. They would be nail on cert’s to be the house band in Guantanamo Bay.

They badge themselves as a Punk and Hard-core band, and this is pretty much on the nail. Shouty or almost spoken vocals, short and to the point songs and that attitude are very punk, and it is all set to music that yes does have that melody that punk grasped so well, but it is nearly buried under a ferocious attack of blistering, thrashed up metal style riffs and machine gun drums that hammer away without recourse to such social niceties as pausing for breath.

The band has been in existence in various forms since about 2001 and this experience and longevity shows, the sound is developed, the songs accomplished and it all has a togetherness about it. And, although they work within a genre that are not known for being broadminded there seems to be a willingness to be experimental that has more in common with Metal music than anything else. Time signatures are messed with, there are creative breakdowns and some intelligent production. I also loved the use of the Howard Beale rant from the film Network at the opening to title track Hooligan Jihad that helps illustrate the political nature of this material.

So, not the sort of EP you would give a spin if your gran was coming round to tea, but if you felt like sound-tracking an anti-anything riot then you couldn’t go wrong with this collection.

Hooligan Jihad is released on 23rd November on Iron Man records

More on Last Under The Sun at


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