Tamaryn – Tender New Signs

Another cracking record I had the pleasure of reviewing on Green Man is this gem. Not necessarily my first choice when browsing the “aisles” of the (online) record store, but nonetheless it is a superb record.

If dreamy alt-pop is your thing then you ought to acquire a copy of this album, the second record from New Zealand singer / songwriter Tamaryn and her long-time San Franciscan musical collaborator Rex John Shelverton. Anyone familiar with their first record The Waves will be on comfortable territory here as there is not much in the way of evolution going on.

Taking musical inspiration from shoegaze indie, goth, psychedelia and some new age romanticism, and with nods to bands like Madder Rose, Mazzy Star and My Bloody Valentine you get 9 entrancing songs of reverb drenched discordant guitars, slow hypnotic beats and Tamaryn’s intimate, soft day-dreamy singing. A lot of the lyrical themes are natural, feminine and at times so detailed and emotional they sound more like the hormonal scribblings of an angsty teenage girl. But somehow, this works in the context of the whole package, up to a point, contrasting with the jagged guitar phrases and repetitive tribal beats in a way that does draw you in to try and understand what is going on, numbing you as you surrender to the sound washing over you.

This is a great example of the increasing amount of records that seem to get made these days in response to the changing way we listen to music. Its ghostly faraway vocal style and mesmerising melodies are ideal for bedside laptop listening or being piped through mp3 player headphones on a long commute home, all soothing and absorbing, easing you into relaxation. So, kick back, pop on this album and lose yourself in it.

Tender New Signs is out 15th October on Mexican Summer Records




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