Viva La Revolution – The Furnace Hots Up

godThe main feature in my January 2013 Gig Monkey page for the Ocelot was this little review of Godsized, Eye For An Eye and From Ruin at The Furnace in Swindon. 

The revolution at Swindon venue The Furnace continues apace, and not just physically, as it gradually transforms itself from a slowly dying metal venue into one that hosts lots of vibrant gigs with bands from across the musical spectrum both nationally and locally. Sticking with the heavier end of the spectrum for this show we nonetheless were presented with a great mixture of national, regional and local acts.

Warminster based metallers From Ruin opened proceedings with their updated but old-school thrash, a properly frenetic yet melodic sound. Fronted by the amazing operatic vocals of Anita Griffin that blended nicely with the technical guitar playing they were great to watch, with commanding presence and some great songs.

The slower and chunkier sound of Eye For An Eye drew a decent crowd. Their sound is a heavy, groove-laden and powerful no frills southern style rock. Music that is like a mallet to the head it stuns you into submission with its relentless pounding. Putting this together with the impressive beards they are the west-country Mastodon.

Headline act Godsized are an anomaly, a massively popular but still unsigned band, with a rabid and large following nationally, and by the time they took to the stage the crowd were hyped and ready to go. With the melodic grunge-metal of Soundgarden mixing with the earthier classic rock of Led Zeppelin or ZZ Top they were a loud, noisy and impressively tight band. The songs were superbly well put together and executed, and with the onstage banter and devotion from the crowd it was an electric show. If you like music at the heavier end of the spectrum, you could not do better than checking these boys out.

So, the future looks bright for The Furnace, with some interesting shows already in the diary for 2013. Isn’t it about time you checked out a show there?

Published in the January 2013 issue of The Ocelot magazine. Available at 


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