January’s Ocelot Album Reviews

Another selection of albums for your aural delight this month, as published in The Ocelot (www.theocelot.co.uk) with pick of the bunch being Funeral For A friend, edging out The Blackout on originality. And I know I am biased, having a certain distaste for chart pop music, but the Kesha record really is naff! Hence my musically challenged offspring loving it (I blame their mother).

Funeral For A Friend – Conduit



Six albums out now for Funeral For A Friend and they have their formula, and stick to it. But they still stand out above the chasing pack of sound-a-likes due to their ability to write a hummable tune and capacity to seamlessly blend these poppy melodies with the more brutal aspects of their music. Conduit follows the pattern effortlessly, a tightly wound collection of tracks brimming with conflict and emotion.  No real revolution here, but if it isn’t broke…

Modestep – Evolution Theory

Modestep ET


Debut from London dub-step rockers. Musically this is what you expect from that pigeonholing, so if you like Skrillex, Pendulum etc then this is just what you are looking for. Full of the required beeps, squelches and time changes along with crunchy guitars, hook-laden poppy vocals and rap segments it is all a little predictable and uninspired. But they are well regarded live and I get the feeling that is the arena in which these songs are best appreciated.

The Blackout – Start The Party



An album full of mindless but fun anthemic rock songs. There is no subtlety or art to what these welsh boyos do, they simply hammer big riffs and beats onto huge choruses and killer vocal hooks that bring to mind classic rockers Def Leppard. The end result is a straightforward but entertaining romp of a record. It really makes you want to make devils horns with your fingers, jump up and down and play air guitar like you are possessed.

Kesha – Warrior


1/5 (my score) 5/5 (the girls score)

My girls love this record. So if primary school kids are her target market then Kesha scores a direct hit. However, I find it predictable dance-pop-by numbers for people who don’t like music. At turns obnoxious, hackneyed, juvenile and superficial. Yes the melodies are hooky, poppy and hummable but the rest is totally unmemorable apart from some truly woeful lyrics like “I found out you’re full of it, I’m over it, so suck my dick”. At least the auto-tune is well used.

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