SkyBurnsRed – Who Are You?

SBR WAYShort review from the Gig Monkey column in the January 2013 Ocelot magazine 

A welcome return to the studio for one of my favourite local acts. I heavily rated their debut EP, so this had a lot to live up to. And thankfully, it is a blinder! Having seen the band live regularly, I know that these songs have been honed on stage, changing show to show as they were perfected. And that is to their benefit, as all the clumsiness has been worked out of them, leaving well-structured and taut compositions behind.

You get more of the same grunge-laced heavy rock, with trademark razorblade-throated vocals and violin stabs, but with songs that are more considered, lyrically stronger and with more melody to them within the guitar riffs and in particular the violin parts. These effortlessly switch between filling background sound to lead solo passages, always keeping that individuality to the songs. Production is a little rougher perhaps, but that adds an indie-sense and character (the difference in sound quality between rubbish laptop speakers and through a decent system is remarkable). I urge you to get this, and check them out live soon.

One thing though. Why is Kim Kardashians dog on the cover?


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