British Harlem – EP

British HarlemSwindon’s British Harlem appear to be one of those bands that is very good at keeping an outrageously low profile before exploding to life with something a bit special. Mainly formed from the embers of Young Blood, a highly regarded band who just seemed to drift away last year without explanation before now doing something of a phoenix impression, rising  pretty much fully formed with a fistful of new songs, some live shows and a sparkling new EP to go with the shiny new name.

And it was worth the wait. As expected this is a slice of very high quality indie-pop music. In fact, were you to Google the term “indie anthem” these guys should be appearing right at the top of the list. Mixing the melodic pop sensibilities of Coldplay and Elbow with the indie smarts of The Cribs, Foals and The Maccabees is a potent blend that should really see the band sharing stages with these acts in the near future. Lead single Ride certainly can proudly sit amongst that company with comfort, with its outrageously uplifting arms aloft chorus that really makes you want to jump up and down grinning like an idiot. All the songs are authentic sing-a-long melodic monsters, with addictive tunes that burrow effortlessly into your ears and sit there, daring you to join in. And join in humming, whistling or singing you will do. As well as finding your head nodding, foot tapping, and in extreme cases feeling as if you are in the midst of a loved up festival crowd with your face painted, fists pumping, sharing in the communal love. For that is where I think these songs will have their natural home, those hazy, long days of happiness in a field as the sun is going down. And making a studio bound recording generate that level of outdoorsy summer time feeling is impressive indeed.

The EP is available as a free download now from > . The video for Ride is worth checking out as well, giving a little insight into life in the recording studio with the band. This can be seen at >  . To keep in touch with British Harlem check out their website > where you will find all the usual links.


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