Gig Monkeys Unsung Heroes – From The Ladder Factory

ladderFirst published in The Ocelot Magazine March 2013 edition.

For any successful music scene to thrive it needs more than just some talented artists. Perhaps more importantly it needs a strong infrastructure of un-heralded heroes giving time, effort and often cash to support, develop and promote said artists. Whether this is venues, promoters, managers, PR people, publications or other media outlets, all are critical to establishing the viability of a scene. The Ocelots local scene is no different, so we thought as well as celebrating the creativity of the band we would shine a light on these backroom boys (and girls) that make it all happen. And first up is Oxford and Swindon based podcast …From The Ladder Factory

Put together as a venture between Faringdon Radio and The Ladder Factory, a Shrivenham based recording and rehearsal studio it prides itself on being a witty, entertaining, irreverent (or was that irrelevant) look at the local music scene. Featuring the best music from the region with artist interviews, live information and some frankly hilariously random “adverts” for the finest establishments that possibly might be in Faringdon (these really need to be heard to be believed) it manages to hit that tough blend of entertainment, information and generally playing it for laughs. Although beware, the BBC this is not, so expect some rough edges, fruity language and generally wrong behaviour.

The men behind the podcast are what I would only describe as aging rock n roll warriors with dubious senses of humour but impeccable taste in music. Creator, interviewer and co presenter Sean Hodgson describes himself as an aging git with a strange beard, which is all true. He banters convivially with studio owner and minor musical legend Peter Rowe, an occasional musician of no fixed direction. There is also an extended Ladder Family, as most of the spoof adverts are created by Graham Fletcher, and our own Dave Franklin joins the team for the spin off “Green Ladder” shows which focus on national but under-the-radar music.

So, check out what the team get up to by listening to the shows at where you can also submit your music for inclusion in the show. As Sean says “if you can string two coherent sentences together then I’ll interview you for a show….if you can string 3 coherent sentences together I’ll feel threatened and will edit the interview accordingly”.


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