Wet Nuns – Broken Teeth EP

WetNuns_PressShot20122I first encountered Yorkshire band Wet Nuns on the BBC Introducing stage at Reading last year, immediately making a mental note to investigate them more upon my return to civilisation. But a weekend of typical festival fun put paid to most of the mental notes I made, and through a fluke of editorial selection their new EP made its way to my inbox, reminding me what an amazing prospect this band is.

This four track EP’s lead track Broken Teeth starts off like it means business. An almighty fuzzed up riff is followed by the brilliant opening line “I live my life with the taste of blood in my mouth” instantly setting the bands stall out, firmly in the section of the musical market labelled “scuzzed up heavy blues- rock”. It is simple, stripped back to basics and they seem to be expert exponents of it. As is typical of a two-piece band they make a hell of a noise, and it is about as subtle as a hammer to the face.

Second track All The Young Girls is even more over-driven and up-tempo, coming at you with the relentless energy and destructive force of a jack-knifed juggernaut. It powers through without pause for breath before handing the baton over to Feast a slower but no less dirty sounding tune. This is a band who likes to turn everything up to 11, and who have no concept of a clean guitar sound. And that is a pretty exhilarating thought in my opinion. Vocally it all matches the guitar, through closing track Laura singer / guitarist Rob sounds like Lemmy gargling razorblades and gravel after a couple of pints of bourbon whiskey and several hundred filterless cigarettes. And then in an explosion of distortion, it ends. And the silence is suddenly deafening. And you are certainly left wanting more.

If subtlety and delicacy is your thing, then this will not do anything for you. But, there is still a beauty in the simplicity of it all that is to be admired, it is an unholy noise and not for the faint-hearted. But it made me want to run to the darkest, stickiest and most sweaty venue I could find, drink till I could barely stand and slam around until I was one big bruise. And that is just about perfect for a night out. And if you agree then I shall be seeing you at their upcoming Croft show on 3rd March.

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