Never Google Yourself…

74084_10151570280458356_27006022_nFor once I am going to blog a post that is not about music. Instead, taking inspiration perhaps from comedian Dave Gorman, it is about me. Well, not strictly speaking me, but other people called Ed Dyer.

Whilst using Google search in an attempt to locate the web address for the Green Man Music site log in page (lost due to a cache clean-up)  I saw a link to a page that had my name on it, and address. Clicking it took me to a slightly odd looking Eastern European music promoters page. with no sign of my name or address. Odd. So I went back to Google and typed my name in the search bar to see if I could find any more.

Now, Googling yourself is a bit of an egotistical, but often fun and informative task. See how far down the results list it is before you find something that directly relates to you (it works especially well with the images search, you can have a competition with friends and colleagues to see whose picture features highest up their results page).  It is also nice to see who of note shares your name. I have done this before (yes, I know, big head) and so was expecting many of the results. Among all the LinkdIn results were the other men of note I share a name with, in particular Sir Edward Dyer, the English courtier and poet, and Edward Dyer, the first man to brew beer in India. I always liked the fact that the two most famous Ed Dyers were a Poet and a Brewer. Further down was Ed Dyer, an Australian artist of note, a business tycoon and then a rather disturbing discovery. I saw a link that was titled “Ed Dyer: Notorious Central Oregon Paedophile Scoutmaster”.

Yes, it appears I also shared my name with a child molester. What I had, when I followed the link, was a 2011 blog entry from an American Law Firm website, detailing a recently filed lawsuit from one of the victims against The Boy Scouts Of America organisation.  What transpires is that from the late 1960’s, an Oregonian Scoutmaster, unfortunately for me named Ed Dyer, had thoroughly abused his position to groom and then abuse at least 15 young boys over a period of 28 years. Although the Boy Scouts of America and local and federal government agencies had received notice regarding his abuse of boys, it was ultimately one of his victims (not the victim bringing the lawsuit) who took the law into his own hands and stopped him from continuing the abuse.  That victim, a then-17- year-old boy named Louis Connor, shot and killed Dyer on January 22, 1986, later reportedly stating that he “felt like shooting was the only way to make sure it didn’t happen again.”

Well, at least the man was dead, I could not surely get involved in any case of mistaken identity (strangers things have happened). Well, I would hope not! That could get  awkward on the school run or at my Teenage Kicks nights! I guess this is how people called Adolf Hitler, Fred West and Hannibal Lecter feel all the time. But, I had managed to exist happily for thirty something years under the false impression that my name was normal, and wasn’t evil in anyway. I felt embarrassed and ashamed, and considered changing my name to something with a confirmed positive connotation, like Flash Gordon or David Beckham. But, this was something that happened in small-town America, I was confident the crimes of my namesake, and myself for that matter, were not of global concern, as long as no-one decided to broadcast it publicly through blog sites or social media….

So go on, Google yourself, I dare you. See if you have any namesakes who were less than desirable characters.

The original blog plus press links is here:

2 thoughts on “Never Google Yourself…

  1. Hmmm googled… the first 5 were me… then there was a Buisness Tycoon called Rebecca Jacques, a Photographer and artist… then i found it… a woman called Rebecca Jacques with a photo stood in the doc at court for causing death by dangerous driving on the 2nd of March of this year in Gloucester, America which is almost so ironic its creepy as I am from Gloucestershire in the UK! completely weirded me out! But loved the detective work 😉 good piece Mr Dyer

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