Faye Rogers – Unfinished and Untitled

faye rogersWe have a real soft spot at The Ocelot for Swindon teen Faye Rogers. And much to our delight she has stealth released three new recordings of her own compositions. Not really an EP release (I have borrowed the above title from one of the songs as I like it and it suits) they are something of a precursor for a fuller release later in the year. And a fabulous development from her earlier material they are too. The songs have her trademark fragile and ethereal sound yet are lyrically hard-hitting and full of resolve, dealing with very mature themes and a world beyond her years.  Her voice is an original and expressive instrument, full of character. Musically her guitar playing and composition is coming on in leaps and bounds, this is a musician who works hard honing her craft, and on these tracks she overlays vocal harmonies, and crucially has some considered cello playing from Emma Thornton, which gives them a nice full and gutsy sound. First tune up “He’s Not Himself” is our highlight and the best thing she has done so far. Listen to the songs on: www.soundcloud.com/fayelaura7

first Published in the April 2013 issue of The Ocelot Magazine


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