Gig Monkey’s Unsung Heroes: Club Velocity

Club-Velocity-logoAs I outlined last month, it is high time we celebrated the backroom boys and girls who make the music scene what it is and enable all those bands to actually play. This month I shout “hip, hip, hooray” for Reading promoter Club Velocity. And in a nice piece of serendipity they also happen to be ten years old this month.

Starting way back in 2003, the first gig featured John Peel favourites The Vaults along with The Snags (who ended up backing Holly Golightly) and Yumiyumi, who later joined The Go Team. So auspicious beginnings indeed. That gig sold out in 20 minutes and pointed to a new direction for a very stagnant Berkshire scene. Club Velocity had been doing shows in London for a few years, but with the very slow last train on a Saturday night becoming very tiresome Club Velocity Reading was born out of convienience and has stayed true to its eclectic and adventurous roots.

The Rising Sun Arts Centre will always be the real spiritual home of the nights although other venues have been clasped to Velocitys heaving bosom and welcomed into the family over the years. Plenty of familiar bands have played their early gigs for them and then went up the ladder of success and a roll call of some of the most powerful people in the UK music industry have turned up over the years.

So raise a glass to Club Velocity and the man behind it, the fabulous Sid Siddle and toast to another ten years!

First published in the April 2013 issue of The Ocelot Magazine…


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