April’s Ocelot Album Reviews

A real mix of music this month, from the crunching metal of Bring Me the Horizon to the proggy synth washes of The Flaming Lips. And several stops in between as well. Album of the month for me is Dinosaur Pile-Up’s.It has grown on me like you wouldn’t believe since I reviewed it, and has some outrageously infectious melodies nad hooks that drag you in, kicking and screaming. No real dud this month, although The Flaming Lips does take some getting used to, and Deptford Goth is a real genre piece.


The Flaming Lips – The Terror


Don’t go into this expecting a re-run of classic Lips album like Yoshimi or Soft Bulletin, This is another weird and experimental effort, based around repetitive loops, programmed drums and a plethora of creative synth sounds. Creative, chilled and interesting, there is a very atmospheric and ambient vibe about these songs, despite their harrowing nature and dark tones. As Wayne Coyne himself says, these are songs to be sung “from this despondent futuristic dystopian church.”

bmthBring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal


One of the vanguard of the new rising of British metal, this is the 4th album from the Sheffield 5-piece. And a quality piece of work it is. Much more melodically accessible than many, it should win new fans, but never losing sight of what the band stands for musically – monstrous riffs, high tempo beats and snarling vocals, but this time tempered with lighter moments, some good tunes and added electronic gadgetry. Epic stuff.

dpuDinosaur Pile-Up – Nature Nurture


More fabulous riff heavy retro post-grunge nonsense from Matt Bigland, a man who really is 22 years late to the party but doesn’t care. The formula follows that of brilliant debut Growing Pains with big chunky riffs, melodic vocals and great tunes. Each track has its own character and personality whilst still sounding part of the whole. And just as you wonder if it is perhaps lacking progression, up pops a genius moment or a riff so exemplary Tony Iommi will be crying into his moustache.

CS2033721-02A-BIGDeptford Goth – Life After Defo


Deptford Goth is Daniel Woodhouse, and if The XX or James Blake is your idea of fun then this is going to be just the record for you. You get 11 tracks of down-beat, hypnotic, laid back synth-pop and electro-soul with a delicate touch and haunting atmosphere. But this is also surprisingly accessible and stimulating, he has a voice that is smooth, strong and compelling and writes a nifty tune. A soundtrack for the most noir of noir movies.


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