Say Hello To Disclosure…

480858_542247815795342_592129772_nDuring one of my recent Teenage Kicks shows I hit on the idea of having a special guest headline act. A band who, whilst still young, had accomplished more than the others on the bill, someone they could perhaps take some inspiration from. As I was putting on a group of pop-punk bands, the obvious choice was Faringdon’s Disclosure. All still in their early twenties, but already veterans of several national tours to decent size venues supporting more notable acts, and a band about to embark upon their own headline tour. The gig itself was a fantastic affair and Disclosure performed their duties with aplomb. So, being the ever dutiful scribe, I grabbed a little interview with them, and had it published in the July issue of The Ocelot Magazine. And as something of an editorial note, this Disclosure is not the chart-busting electronic music duo. These guys have been around for several years longer, and I know are currently embroiled in friendly legal discussions with the newer but bigger act, so don’t get huffy with me if this is not who you are expecting to be reading about!

One local band has very quietly been progressing up the slippery pole of the music industry, regularly touring big venues nationally. But oddly they are still relatively unknown back home in Ocelotshire. Ed Dyer caught up with Disclosure (no, not that one!) to find out what’s what with these young pop-punkers from Faringdon
Tell me a bit about the band, how did you get into this?
We started way back in 2005, having been inspired by going to local gigs and wishing we could be up on the stage. So we decided to start a band (apparently it’s that easy). Since then the line-up has changed but the core of the band remains the same.
Who have been your biggest influences?
Whenever we are asked this we always joke ‘Paramore’ as we’re always compared to them, but we do all collectively listen to them so you could say that they are one of our influences along with You Me @ Six, All Time Low and Sleeping With Sirens. We take inspiration from each of our favourite bands and artists and it all just comes together as Disclosure.
You have already been on several national tours, not bad going for a band from Faringdon. How did these come about?
Constant gigging and networking. We got into touring about a year ago through another band, who we’d supported on local tour dates. They recommended us to a band called Room 94 who gave us our first tour in August 2012. On that tour we met loads of people in the industry, through whom we got asked to go out with No Lights At Lockdown in October and The Famous Class in December. This year so far we have supported Stakeout in February and then another Room 94 tour in April. In July we are touring with Taking Hayley then we have our first headline tour. We’re really looking forward to that as it’s the end product of a year’s hard work.
Any advice for other young bands?
Our advice would be, never turn down a gig as you never know who’s going to be there. Make the band a number one priority and work your hardest, you get back what you put in.
Keep an eye out on to keep up to date with the band!


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