Good To Be Back!

1488646_10151867091771586_774001012_nIt has been almost a year since I last posted here. Do I ignore this gap and continue as if nothing had happened? Or do I spend hours posting up all the articles published since then? And why the break?

Well, to be honest, I am not really all that sure why I stopped posting – and I am sure the photo is not indicative of anything at all… Busy with other things I guess. Work was one of these, as I completed a maternity cover contract at a local PR agency. This job involved sitting on my backside all day writing press releases, feature submissions etc so the last thing I felt like doing when I got home was more arse warming and writing, and the pressure to earn was off. But perhaps the biggest “other thing” has been the record label. A lot of my non “work” time has been taken up getting this venture off the ground. And as the current situation suggests that in the last 6 months we have released 5 records (including our first vinyl!) and have got money coming in, off the ground can be safely declared!

But, unemployment again means that I have more time, and a greater need to showcase what I can do (or not) with the English language as I hope to earn more through writing. In fact, this recently has started happening as I was offered the chance to cover my business partner Dave’s  column in the Swindon Advertiser for a few weeks. Doing this new piece of writing (well, 2 pieces each week) has really got my journalistic juices flowing again. I am sure I will shortly be posting the ones I have had published so far after this entry.

And what else has been going on? Well, our Songs Of Praise shows have been going great, with increased audience numbers since Christmas and a fantastic response from punters and artists alike. These shows have led me to work with some utterly incredible bands and artists as well in this break period, and I really need to point you in the direction of my favourites. So do yourself a favour and go and Google this lot and listen to the noise they make:- Cursor Major | She Makes War | Clementines | Bite The Buffalo | Boss Cloth | Luke De-Sciscio | Spectres | Vienna Ditto | George Wilding As well as welcome returns for a batch of friendly faces too:-  Case Hardin | Black Hats | James Warner Prophecies | The Racket etc.

And of course, I have been working closely with all the brilliant artists on Secret Chord:- Nudybronque | Super Squarecloud | Faye Rogers | Armchair Committee | Dead Royalties | Tamsin Quin as we plot world domination together and put out some brilliant records! For the full skinny on all things Secret Chord go and check out the website –

But whilst this goes some way to explaining why I have not been posting, it doesn’t answer the initial question – what do I do with all the material I have written during this time (mainly Ocelot Magazine columns)? I guess you are going to have to wait and see!

Glad to be back!



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