Small Reviews for Big Records – May 2014

Not a bad bunch of releases this month. Until Lily Allen arrived in my CD player. Now, my physical feelings for Ms Allen aside, her music is generally pants. Still, can’t win ’em all…

sept girlsSeptember Girls – Cursing The Sea

Excellent noisy pop record calling to mind a lot of the 4AD output – The Breeders, Throwing Muses et al, with harmony vocals, fuzzy guitars and delicious surfy melodies. The reverb drenched sound could do with a little clarity, but this is some pretty cool garage-pop.



marc-ford-holy-ghost-300Marc Ford – Holy Ghost

Solo effort from Black Crowes man Marc Ford is a very rootsy Americana feeling record. But it shows the talents of the man, the songs are strong, emotional and full of character. The playing is exquisite and the vocals just drip with authenticity. A nailed on contender for album of the year.



Damon-albarn-everyday-robotsDamon Albarn – Everyday Robots

More oddness that is unmistakeably Damon Albarn. It takes a few listens to “get” what he is doing, but there is more here to appeal to Blur and Gorrilaz fans than with some of his other solo work. Whatever your thoughts on his work, you cannot deny he is one of the most creative artists of recent times. Great stuff.



sheeLily Allen – Sheezus

After 3 great records I come to this. Lily is not a great singer, although I kinda like her delivery, at least you know it is her. The songs are typically shallow, superficial, pointless and musically naff.  Infact, naff is perhaps the best word to describe this turgid nonsense. Really well worth avoiding.


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