Nudybronque – Pop’s New Musical alchemists

DSC_0070cropIt just occurred to me that it isn’t just the review writing and similar I do that merits inclusion in this blog. I have written a fair number of band biographies and press releases that I guess deserve inclusion as well. Whilst I work on the latest one for the new (unannounced) signing on the record label here is the last one I did for pop-moppets Nudybronque….

So much more than the sum of their parts, Nudybronque describe themselves as “an Indie Pop band based in the heart of Wiltshire”. This, whilst entirely true, is also a rather large understatement as their unique blend of very British Indie music with elements of 70’s Avant-Garde, Post-Punk and Britpop deliver something altogether more exciting, unique and compelling than you would expect.

First EP “Bottled Blonde” was released in mid-2012 and was greeted with fantastic reviews and significant national airplay including Radio Caroline and BBC6 Music where Tom Robinson claimed that they were “more than just another band with unfashionable hair”. This EP was full of prototype indie disco classics; limb-shredding pop tunes that made you want to throw shapes and achieved instant cult status

However, having set this successful template, the band then decided the best thing to do was to file it and take a sharp left turn.  Becoming influenced by more progressive and enlightened music (Talking Heads, Neutral Milk Hotel, Velvet Underground ) early 2013 saw the band release an out of character single entitled ‘Allsorts’ as a precursor to new EP ‘Moondog’. The track was a huge success, played across the world getting interest in Australia and the US and helped the band into the shortlists for the Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Competition.

That EP has now been released through indie label Secret Chord Records and pushes this new identity into even darker recesses. Occupying an infinitely more grown-up arena of musical experimentation complete with strange instrumentation, darker lyrics and creative song structures it still manages to retain the addictive melodic properties of their older recordings, resulting in one of the most exciting, interesting and illogical recordings to be heard in some time.

Whilst still obviously a British Indie band, there is little left in common to the mainstream likes of Oasis, Kasabian or The Libertines. Instead, this new Nudybronque are far more comfortably compared to the odder end of the Pulp or Blur output, the Divine Comedy or Lou Reed, so effortlessly off-beat it is impossible not to fall for their charms.

All social media links are available on the bands website:

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