The Ocelot Magazine


10330393_498052690318225_2583135960387531649_nThe Ocelot is what started everything for me. Run by my great and long standing friend Jamie Hill it is a monthly entertainment and what’s-on magazine par-excellence. Covering subjects such as food & drink, theatre, comedy, arts and music within Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire it is irreverant, funny and rather well put together. I started out doing some sales work before helping out on the writing side, which led to the invention of Gig Monkey.

But what is Gig Monkey?

Gig Monkey is me essentially. Much like a bargain basement super hero I have my alter ego. Rather than fighting crime though, he is more interested in exploring the murky underworld of the local music scene. Reviewing gigs and recordings, promoting his own shows and generally being a monkey-about-town. And The Ocelot? No, this is not a feline side-kick but the magazine in which Gig Monkey appears.

To have a look, check out and see what all the fuss isn’t about.


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