Secret Chord Records

SCR Vector Logo ColourMy biggest passion / time consumer / hope for the future is my independent record label. Run in partnership with my musical comrade-in-arms Dave Franklin it is a real labour of love that we hope one day will also turn a profit!

Secret Chord Records first and foremost are a record label that doesn’t like to take the obvious route, with a key ethos of focusing on developing new and original talent, championing underground, under the radar and left field music and help deserving artists gain a wider audience.

With a broad musical policy the roster ranges from delicate acoustic folk music to snarling alternative rock, with the only common denominator in all artists a shared willingness to ignore conventions and follow their own path. Bands such as Super Squarecloud and Nudybronque are becoming synonymous with an attitude of audio experimentalism and avant-garde ideas packaged within intelligent pop records, helping to shape the progressive image of the label.

Check out the website to view the current roster, order our releases and hear what  we have been up to –

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