Introducing Gig Monkey

10686785_10153185044324251_6941841095901225236_nWelcome to my bloggy thing! What can you expect to read here? I guess it is really down to me, and who I am. My existence as a music fanatic has led me to running an independent record label and promoting live music so expect this to inform a lot of content on this blog. This musical obsession has also resulted in me reviewing records, running a reviews website, and writing published magazine and newspaper columns on music, much of which will be gathered here as a sort of portfolio. You may also hear about my life as a 40 year old divorced father of four with bills he can’t pay, who lives in a weird former railway town in the West of England. There may also be general musings and other assorted adventures, scrapes, issues or thoughts I may have on life, love, politics and any other subject that a feel like typing about. It may be boring, but it could also be the greatest thing you have ever read. Who knows. Read on and find out….photoThanks! Ed / Gig Monkey


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